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I once remarked to my wife, on the matter of organizing and shelving books, that “all categories are elastic.” This expression has become a bit of shibboleth with us, and I have adopted it as the title for this blog because I intend to write about whatever I may find of interest on any given day, without regard to whether it falls into any convenient category. For the most part, I expect to be writing about music, books, history, politics, and foreign affairs, in no particular order.

I wrote the words above about two years ago, when I started this blog on the WordPress.com site. I always intended to move Elastic Categories to my own website when I got it built, but that took much longer than I planned, as is so often the case. However, I’ve finally installed WP on my site, so I am resurrecting this blog and I hope to post to it more frequently than I did in the past, other demands on my time permitting.

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  1. Adam Wilson says:

    Hello David

    Thank you for your writings on Just Intonation. Inspiring me on on my path of trying to sew together various tools to help me use JI in my music. I would love to exchange ideas please send me your email if its ok.


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