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This material was previously hosted on the Just Intonation Network website. Since no one is maintaining the JIN site, I have relocated the material here. I will try to keep it updated as time permits (most recent update: July 2010). The opinions expressed on the linked pages are those of the authors and I do not necessarily endorse or agree with them.

Tuning Organizations and Publications

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Glenn Branca

Alain Danielou

Lou Harrison

Ben Johnston

Pauline Oliveros

Harry Partch

Terry Riley

La Monte Young

Alternate Tuning Mailing Lists

The original Alternate Tunings Mailing List (the tuning list, for short) began at Mills College in 1994. It has since migrated twice and is now a Yahoo Group. In the last few years, several lists for subspecialties (or personalities) have spun off from the original tuning list. Some of these lists were short lived, while others remain active, thought typically with much less activity than the original tuning list. A list of all tuning-related lists can be found in the Tuning2 group. Another Yahoo Group that is not listed at Tuning2 is Paulene Phillips's Just Intonation Organ School.

Tuning-Related Software and Hardware

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